Shape Up NC social media campaign

Goal: Use Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and blogging to attract sponsors and participants.  Pull in donations from sponsors and motivate participants to exercise by informing them about the benefits.

Successful campaign:

Curves Women’s Fitness


  • 2,092 talking about it

Their Facebook presence is very successful. They post engaging and relevant information very frequently.  They ask questions and inform their community with their posts. The posts are very successful in stimulating further conversation among fans.  They also post lots of multimedia, such as videos and photos.


  • 94 videos
  • 551 subscribers
  • 1,048,303 video views

Their YouTube channel has a huge number of views.  Their most successful videos are their workout videos.  These videos inform women and invite active participation.  They also have a testimonials campaign, where women can submit their testimonial of how Curves worked for them.


  • 104 Tweets
  • 8 Following

Twitter is not their strongest social media outlet.  They tweet about once a month. However, they do tie in their Tweets with current events (i.e. National Dance Day), tweet success stories, tweet multimedia and use a conversational tone.

Unsuccessful Campaign:

Durham Fitness


  • 2 subscribers

Durham Fitness has a very poor social media platform.  They only have a presence on Facebook, and they have not created a page, so interested parties must either friend them or subscribe, which is more of a hassle than simply liking a page.  Their posts are weak.  They are only relevant to the organization and do not reach beyond to broader interests related to fitness that could potentially draw in more customers. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy


All people ages 18-25.  According to a recent study, only 3% of the users on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Slashdot, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, FriendFeed,, Friendster, LiveJournal, Hi5, Tagged, Ning, Xanga, and Bebo are above the age of 65.  While 15% of users are under 17, marketing to that age group is significantly different than marketing to an adult age group.  Furthermore, the age group has a significantly larger range than the other age groups. Therefore, in order to have an effective campaign, I have limited the age group to 18-25.  I am not limiting by any other demographic factors such as race or education, because the organization is geared towards all of North Carolina.

The most active age group on social media is 35-44 year olds.  The 35-44 year olds dominate 11 out of the 19 sites surveyed.  Females make up the majority in all of the sites surveyed except for Slashdot, Reddit and Digg.  The average male to female ratio for all of the sites surveyed was 47% male to 53% female.  For Facebook, 79% of use is at home and 21% of use is at work. Twitter usage is similar with 77% being at home and 23% being at work.


  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and blogging to attract sponsors and participants.
  • Pull in donations from sponsors and motivate participants to exercise by informing them about the benefits.

Key Performance Indicators:


  • Shares: 200
  • Likes: 1,000


  • Retweets: 2 per day
  • Replies: 2 per tweet


  • Check-ins: Check-ins to gyms and fitness centers can be posted to the Step Up NC Facebook page for awards.


  • Replies/comments: 7 comments per post.

All of these Key Performance Indicators together will comprise a successful social media campaign.

Participant Profile:

Social media participants should have a basic knowledge of healthy eating and exercising habits.  More importantly, the participants should have an enthusiasm for adopting a healthy lifestyle.


I will use Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and blogging to push content and awareness of Shape Up NC. Facebook and Twitter will be used in similar ways.  The two platforms can be used to push content about leading a healthy lifestyle.  It is a way of staying on participants’ radar.  Facebook and Twitter also allow the organization to connect with other like-minded organizations and thereby stay informed on the latest trends and topics within their realm of interests. Engaging Foursquare will allow for a healthy game environment where people are motivated to go to gyms and fitness centers.  Blogging will be a platform for deeper storytelling where organizations and individuals can provide more details and information to engage the participants.


To initiate a successful social media campaign, I will need a:

  • Strategist: Determines when and what to post on the various social media platforms
  • Content Creator: Creates posts for the various social media platforms
  • Event Organizer: Organizes events and communicates with Strategist and Content Creator


Tweet content related to health, exercise, and recipes in a fun way. Aiming for interesting tweets that are re-tweet worthy.

  1. The levels of some stress hormones that suppress the body’s immune system drop after a dose of laughter. #ShapeUpNC
  2. Wearing headphones for an hour increases the bacteria in your ear 700 times – yick! Wash those ears post-workout! #ShapeUpNC
  3. After eating too much, your hearing is less sharp. Eat right, hear right. #ShapeUpNC
  4. Monday is the day of the week when the risk of heart attack is greatest. Stay active and eat right! #ShapeUpNC
  5. Women who slept 5 or less hours a night were twice as likely to suffer from hypertension than women who slept 7 or more. #ShapeUpNC
  6. What’s a good #running trail in your local area? #ShapeUpNC
  7. Hesitant to try #Zumba? Don’t be #ShapeUpNC
  8. Can’t get over the brownie craving? Try this healthy recipe! #ShapeUpNC
  9. What is you favorite ‘I’m on a diet’ recipe? Tweet us a delish pic! #ShapeUpNC
  10. Who’s your workout buddy? Tweet us an action shot! #ShapeUpNC
  11.  Work out like a pterodactyl? #P90X #ShapeUpNC
  12.  Sick of #dieting with frozen lunches? Try one of these instead! #ShapeUpNC
  13. What does your family do to stay fit? Check this out for some #familyfun! #ShapeUpNC
  14. Almost Easter, tweet us some pics of you kids hunting for eggs! #ShapeUpNC
  15.  What’s holding you back from #exercising today? Tweet it and beat it! #ShapeUpNC
  16. Anyone still doing #jazzercise these days? What a throwback! #ShapeUpNC
  17. Looking for a nice bikeride? Check out these NC trails #ShapeUpNC
  18. Hey guys, here is all you need to know about your health #ShapeUpNC
  19. Yum! Who knew eating #healthy could taste so good! #ShapeUpNC
  20. Are you getting a good nights sleep? stay healthy! #ShapeUpNC



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